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Fresh tasty dishes, rich in vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances, help you stay fit!

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Dishes to keep you feeling fit all day

Our popular dishes taste delicious and revitalize your energy with a perfect nutrient balance and no more than 700 calories.

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V like – Vegetarian enjoyment for everyone

Try our cucumber and coconut curry with baby spinach and peanuts on basmati rice, or the aubergine piccata with pizzaiola vinaigrette and many more tasty meals. Discover freshness and quality in delightful dishes – winning combinations without meat!

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Nutrition Portal

Our nutrition portal helps you stay healthy with detailed information: diet check, calorie intake tables, background info, tips and recipes.

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Everything you need to know for better health


This online programme helps you achieve your personal goals – whether you want to watch your weight, reduce or even gain weight. The programme is intelligently linked to the food offers in your company restaurant.

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